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13/5000 Chuānglián shèbèi chǎngjiā-shǒuxuǎn yì wèn jīxiè Curtain equipment manufacturers - preferred Yiwen machinery
The company team has rich experience in the development and manufacturing of CNC automation non-standard equipment, and has strong product development, design, manufacturing
Energy saving of hollow louver glass
Direct sunlight can be blocked when the louver is adjusted to the closed state. The hollow louver glass is made of high-quality double-layer tempered
Development trend and direction of curtain equipment industry in China
With the emphasis on building energy conservation in China, the insulating glass industry has developed rapidly.
What are the advantages of the roll forming machine?
Many modern factories have many advantages in equipment that is often used or used in manufacturing operations.
How does the temperature of your machine need to be maintained?
In many areas of China, the use of aerial work platforms has caused great inconvenience due to low temperatures. In order to meet the normal and reliable operation of the aerial work
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ADD:No. 2, three alley, Xingye street,

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