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Dongguan Yiwen Industrial Co., Ltd.

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  Dongguan Yiwen Industrial Co., Ltd. is located on 2nd Floor, No. 3, Xingye Street, Shilong Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The company has a team specializing in machine design and manufacturing, being equipped with advanced processing equipment and strong technical force, to provide users with high quality services, as well as high-quality high-performance curtain processing machinery and electronic machinery products. Our company always pursues the business philosophy of “being integrity-based, and winning the market through quality”, to create an independent brand of machinery in China through high-quality products and honest services.
  The company manufactures blind modifiers, automatic aluminum sheet cutting machines (CNC type), semi-automatic wood blind punching machines (pneumatic type), wood chip punching machines (manual type), aluminum cutting saws, wood blind sawing machines, CNC blind rail punching machines (driving the lower rail to realize up-and-down drilling), CNC angle positioning saws, roller blind cutting machines, CNC automatic positioning saws, roller blind workbenches, blind inspection tables, automatic vertical curtain cutting machines, CNC cloth sorting machines, vertical curtain one-time forming cutters, pneumatic blind rail cutting dies, three-in-one manual punching dies, three-in-one manual cutting dies, five-in-one manual punching dies, manual cutting dies with upper and lower rails, three-in-one manual punching dies, and so on.
  Since its inception, the company has been providing customers with quality and efficient services. With our intimate services and satisfactory prices, our customers can feel assured. Being “customer-oriented”, we provide customers with comprehensive and integrated services; being "service-oriented”, we create the most valuable products for customers; being "quality-focused”, we provide all-round services for customers!
  The employees of the company are conscientious and dedicated, having built our brand through decades of efforts. Without customer satisfaction, the company will not have a future. We will elevate our realm through excellent service, so as to become a model of success in the industry. With rich superb technologies and first-class staff, we are ready to serve you 24 hours wholeheartedly.

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ADD:No. 2, three alley, Xingye street, Huangzhou,Shilong Town,


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