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Development trend and direction of curtain equipment industry in China

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Development trend and direction of curtain equipment industry in China

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With the emphasis on building energy conservation in China, the insulating glass industry has developed rapidly.

With the emphasis on building energy conservation in China, the insulating glass industry has developed rapidly. However, due to the fact that the production process, processing equipment and accessories are basically the same, the hollow glass produced by the products is highly homogenized, and they can only compete with each other in price. Intensified, the industry's profitability is insufficient, and even some manufacturers use inferior materials to survive to reduce costs and obtain meager profits. This kind of operation of killing chickens and taking eggs will hinder the development of the industry and must be thought-provoking. Experts believe that the current homogenization of domestic enterprise products is serious. Only by constantly updating technology and implementing differentiated strategies can we develop and maintain competitive advantages. Moreover, from the perspective of consumers, there are also high, medium and low-end consumer demands. The consumption demand of any industry cannot be the same. . Experts believe that the built-in louver insulating glass will be the development direction of the industry's high-end customer companies. The built-in louver insulating glass is used to install the aluminum alloy louver in the hollow glass, and the magnetic control device is used to complete the lifting and turning of the louver, and the insulating and sound insulating performance of the insulating glass and the visor function of the louver are combined to have good shading and separation. Heat, sound insulation, heat preservation, adjustment of lighting, privacy and aesthetic performance, while having good wind pressure and surface cleaning and maintenance performance. From the perspective of developing areas such as Jiangsu, the manufacturers have achieved good results. It will be the development direction of high-end insulating glass manufacturers.

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