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Energy saving of hollow louver glass

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Energy saving of hollow louver glass

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Direct sunlight can be blocked when the louver is adjusted to the closed state. The hollow louver glass is made of high-quality double-layer tempered

Direct sunlight can be blocked when the louver is adjusted to the closed state. The hollow louver glass is made of high-quality double-layer tempered glass composite built-in aluminum louver and single handle magnetic control mechanism. In summer, the convection of hot and cold air is blocked, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of indoor air conditioners. In winter, the louver can be lifted, so that the sunlight can be directly irradiated, and the heat energy can be fully absorbed. With the 20mm barrier of the hollow layer, the indoor warming temperature will be greatly increased, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving and running cost. The test results of the national professional authority It is shown that the K value (heat transfer coefficient) of the built-in louver glass can be as low as 1.9 or less, while the K value of the ordinary insulating glass is 3.0, the K value of the low-insulating glass is 2.4, and the K value of the single-layer glass is generally 5.8, and the built-in louver Glass is the leader in all kinds of sunshade products, with a shielding factor of at least 0.16 and a low-insulating glass with a shielding factor of only 0.52-0.6.

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