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Curtain manufacturing machinery manufacturer

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Curtain manufacturing machinery manufacturer

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Since the development of the first hundred-page curtain manufacturing machine, the company's products have enjoyed a high reputation in the industry for its advanced
Since the development of the first hundred-page curtain manufacturing machine, the company's products have enjoyed a high reputation in the industry for its advanced, reliable and user-friendly features, regardless of product quality, market share, or automation. It is sold to 16 provinces and municipalities across the country and exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Uzbekistan, North Korea and other countries.
    The company team has rich experience in the development and manufacturing of CNC automation non-standard equipment, and has strong product development, design, manufacturing and service capabilities. It has designed and manufactured automated production equipment for foreign companies such as EATON, SIEMENS, LS, and LT in India. Features:
◆Using computer servo control system
◆Unloading wing automatic extension system for quick change of required cutting size
◆Human machine interface adopts touch screen, which can quickly change the required cutting size
◆The far-infrared edge-to-edge device ensures the precise cutting size of the fabric
◆The overall frame is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy structure. It is durable and lasts as new.
◆Innovative scissors design, can cut different material fabrics
◆Pneumatic clamping system with convenient operation, automatic cutting after cutting
◆ Positioning adopts PLC control servo motor mode, precise synchronous belt structure
◆Can be rolled and cut to a second height
◆Can be customized with two-stage elevator type, or special size and special function equipment

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