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How does the temperature of your machine need to be maintained?

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How does the temperature of your machine need to be maintained?

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In many areas of China, the use of aerial work platforms has caused great inconvenience due to low temperatures. In order to meet the normal and reliable operation of the aerial work 
In many areas of China, the use of aerial work platforms has caused great inconvenience due to low temperatures. In order to meet the normal and reliable operation of the aerial work platform at low temperatures, we would like to remind customers:
Fill the high-altitude equipment with the appropriate grade of diesel, engine oil, hydraulic oil, and add enough antifreeze (there is customer to replace the antifreeze with water, but the low temperature may cause the tank to rupture and the diesel engine is faulty, so this is not recommended);
At the same time, the temperature will decrease, the battery capacity will decrease, and the battery activity will decrease. Pay attention to the maintenance of the battery. Usually, the battery of the same specification will be used in the winter for one or two hours less than in the summer. Please replenish the battery in time.
In addition, the storage environment of the aerial work platform should be indoors, preferably where the temperature is not too low, and it is important to avoid prolonged exposure to cold outside. If it is inconvenient to move, you must take protective measures.
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